I always leave feeling better than when I walked in. You give us the BEST medicine! Still, after 30 years of following you, there is no better workout than YOU and your brother. Love you both! So thank you 🙏 ❤️.
Sandy Arena
Thanks to Rob’s classes and training, I am approaching 50 years old and have never felt stronger or had more energy! His amazing positive energy, creativity and emphasis on safety has kept me a client for more than 10 years. The Contender workouts have not only helped me build physical strength and endurance, but has also increased my self confidence and happiness in my life.
Andrea Meakem
Contenders workouts will challenge you in the best way! I love the high energy coaching by Rob, the music rocks, the time flies and it is AMAZING! Working out with Rob, Tom and Contenders is on another level of top notch fitness. From fun boxing style cardio to TKO authentic boxing drills and heavy bag work, it is not a fad, it is dynamic training by passionate professionals. I always look forward to it even if I’m tired or stressed, I leave feeling strong and invigorated! They always challenge you to do your best and as a busy mom I’ve been a ‘Contender’ 8 years strong and in the best shape of my life!!
Jamie Rinaldi
Rob is one of the best motivators in the fitness industry. When he walks into a class he brings the energy needed to take your workouts to the next level .. Rob is above and beyond the industry standard.
Mel Orellana
Rob distinguishes himself in the fitness arena by leading his classes with inspiration, grit, and steely will to push attendees to give their best in each session. Rob’s contagious energy doesn’t allow laziness to hibernate in his workouts instead his smile, encouragements and amazing ability to make group fitness feel individualized makes him a cut above the rest! Rob is a specialist at making everyone feel like they are a contender!
Claudine Francis
Rob is a master of his craft — from his energizing music to his powerful moves, every exercise is perfectly designed for maximum effect.
Leslie Zane
You start class and, 60 minutes later, you look up and it’s over. You have so much fun doing it, you don’t realize you’re working out!
Jo Neri
Rob and Tom have created a workout that is incredibly tough and fun at the same time. The energy is magnificent, that’s why you can do it forever. Their fans range from 18 to 80!
Anne Olivieri
To most people, your workout is a chore you make yourself do; with Rob and Tom you look forward to your workout and have fun doing it. That is the greatest gift trainers can give you.
Michele Scottino