Box to the Beat

Jab, cross and hook your way to the ultimate you!This sweat fest of guided punching combinations on your own heavy bag is seamlessly paired with body weight drills to the best beats and remixes of our time to have you feeling your very best. As Michael Buffer says, “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!” Hand/under wraps and gloves required for bag striking.

Contenders TKO

This is the ultimate Contender Challenge! Rotate through heavy bag, resistance training, and a variety of cardio stations set to high energy music and the motivating coaching or real boxers. Ding, ding…3 stations, 3 minutes each, 15 rounds. Hand/under wraps and boxing gloves required.


Punch, squat, and sculpt through this hour long adrenaline fueled cardio experience set to dj styled tunes that will have you feeling you are at a dance party! Hands up, elbows in…your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds have met their match!

Boxers Circle

Channel your inner “Rocky!” Shadowbox in the ring; strike heavy, speed and double end bags; jump rope and practice defensive drills. This 15- round blistering cardio workout has you training for your “Main Event!” Designed for the pure boxing enthusiast. Hand/under wraps and boxing gloves required