About Us

Contenders lifestyle is the perfect blend of fitness, music, camaraderie and cool that will leave you grabbing swag and booking your next workout. Contenders offers boxing, strength and endurance training in three different types of group classes where reservations are made by clicking “book a class” or through the mind-body app. If you’d prefer small group or private training that is arranged by connecting with rob@contendersny.com or calling 914.907.5989.

Why Contenders?

Contenders is a lifestyle, not a trend. Boxing workouts have been around longer than any of us and boxers are not only recognized as being in killer shape, they are mentally strong. Contenders two-for-one cardio and resistance training workouts target the whole body improving balance, coordination, agility, and reactivity. Aside from torching calories, the mere motion of punching is incredibly empowering. It releases tension and the rush of endorphins is a total mood booster.

What is Contenders?

Contenders was established in 1999 and has had over 2,000 members since its inception. While most boutiques pack a class with over 35 participants, Contenders limits class size to provide individual coaching and community building. Participants of all levels thrive from the motivating coaching, friendly atmosphere, and incredible results. Members come for the workout and come back because of the experience