Rob Forcelli

Rob Forcelli, Founder

Rob Forcelli is a former New York Golden Gloves boxer who founded Contenders in 1999. His following of celebrities, pro athletes, Wall Street titians and soccer parents has reached levels of fitness and weight loss they never dreamed of achieving. The loyalty and retention of his supporters prove that his training concepts work. Many of the original members are active today, addicted to the workout that makes them feel like they’ve found the fountain of youth.

The Yonkers native loved preparing for his fights. He found the training kept him in ultimate physical and mental condition. Passion for his training regime, he designed a boxing method and made it his profession to help others in fitness.

Since adolescence, Rob was focused on learning his trade. As a student athlete, he observed his coaches and mentors with the goal of mastering all aspects of sports and fitness. Today he will spit out motivational quotes and execute training techniques from the coaches who influenced him the most.

In addition to being voted one of Westchester’s most desired trainers by Westchester Magazine, Rob dabbled in modeling and TV, created fitness videos and was most recently honored as Equinox Instructor of the year in 2017. Rob prides himself on his ability to help others reach their personal fitness and life goals. It is his passion; he measures his success by the satisfaction and results of his clients.

Good things happen when hard work, passion, and action collide!